Our God is a miracle working God

I always attend our online E-service and used the Miracle water daddy prayed on the first Sunday of this month. I’ll say a loud “Amen” and receive the words of healing as mine and as time went by, after some days the pain subsided. But it came back again and the Spirit of the Lord reminded me of the covenant. I told myself that if God will heal me and make me whole, I’ll share my testimony and give a healing offering. Thank God for making me whole. The pains are all gone. Praise the Lord!!!”

N. Adesida Abuja

“I woke up one day with severe pain in my stomach. It was so intense that it brought tears to my eyes. I wasn’t pressed to use the toilet but I tried to induce vomiting thinking maybe what I ate the night before may have been the cause. I was so weak that I had to get back in bed and I was shivering with a fever. Then I remembered my anointed water and stood up to take a sip saying in my heart, “Jehovah Ropheka, Jehovah Rapha heal me in Jesus name.” Then I went to lie down. Almost immediately, I felt calm. The pain stopped and I slept off. Even in my sleep, I was saying, “Ha, I am healed.” I have come to give God the glory because I am totally healed.”

K. Ejere Abuja

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